| November/December 1980

  • Shalda home built truck

  • Shalda home built truck

111 Bonnie Lane, Cumming, Georgia 30130

I just received my second issue of G.E.M., which I truly enjoyed. I wish I had been a subscriber from the start of the publication. I think that it is a tremendous magazine. I only wish that it was a monthly.

I've been a gas and steam engine enthusiast for years. My pride and joy is 'SHALDA', my home-built truck. The name is derived from my three grandchildren: Shane, Allen, and Dawn.

Shown is 'SHALDA', which is made up of the following parts: 1921 Hercules six horsepower hit and miss engine (serial no. 361019 - 500 RPM 6 HP S. Could anyone tell me what the S stands for?) A 15 gallon barrel is used as a muffler and smoke stack (a puff of blue smoke in the shape of a ring goes up each time the engine fires). The engine is mounted on a 1950 Ford pickup chassis using a 5/8 v-belt to drive a right angle gear box (from a junked bulk spreader truck) which is connected to a 4-speed transmission (from a junk 1946 Ford truck). An idler pully acts as a clutch. This combination of parts gives 'SHALDA' a top speed of 12 mph.

I built the body with seats on the sides and one cross seat; entrance is from the rear. It comfortably holds twelve adults, but has enough power to handle as many as can get on. (I had 38 on it at once.) Kids and kids at heart go wild over it. My 'SHALDA' is painted emerald green and lemon yellow.

There is a detachable tow bar so that I can transport 'SHALDA' behind my pickup when going to parades and car shows. 'SHALDA' has won many trophies since she was built in 1974. I built her with the help of a close friend, Donald J. Long, a retired machinist from the Corps of Engineers.