| September/October 1980

  • Virginia Blue Ridge Railway

  • Virginia Blue Ridge Railway

Carl M. Lathrop, whose writings are well-known to readers of our magazines, has produced a book entitled 'Sentimental Journey' which has a very special story.

It is a history of the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway, the Bee Tree Lumber Company, and the Leftwich Timber Company, but there is more to it than that.

The book is dedicated to Carl's father, Frank O. Lathrop, a member of the original management team of the railroad, brought in from the New York & Pennsylvania Railroad to be superintendent.

Concept of the railroad dates back to the early 1900s. Construction of the line, to extend in Virginia's Nelson and Amherst Counties, began in 1915.

Author Lathrop had a personal interest in the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway, and many of the excellent photographs in the book were taken by him. He reviews the good times and the bad, all the way up to May, 1980. At that time, it became evident that the railroad would be embargoed July 1.

No rail buff or steam historian should be without this, since it presents the only volume of collected information on the subject. It is written with a professional engineer's insistence on preciseness of information, and a son's affection for an enterprise in which his father played a prominent role.