Searching for My First Engine

| June/July 2000

  • Hercules
    Me and the little Hercules at my place in 1968.

  • Hercules

3491 E. Deckerville Road, Cass City, Michigan 48726

Let me start by saying I'm 46 years old. The first gas engine I ever saw was my grandfather's 12 HP Economy engine that he bought in 1961 for $10.00. When he died in 1965, my Uncle Gerald Babcock got the engine and showed it that same year at the Saginaw Valley Live Steam Show in Caro, Michigan, in memory of my grandfather, Zebe Babcock. Much later, in 1987 I bought the 12 HP engine from my uncle.

However, my first engine was a 1? HP Hercules, serial number 106178. It came from my great-uncle Ben Babcock. He sold it to my uncle Franklin D. Babcock for $8.00. and I bought it in 1966 from him for $8.00. I paid for it with dimes and quarters. To finance my first car, a 1962 Dodge, I sold this engine in 1971 for $35.00. It went to the Diamondale, Michigan, area.

I would really like to find the engine again. If anyone knows of or owns number 106178, please let me know.