| July/August 1977

  • Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Schaefer

  • Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Schaefer

(Photo reprinted with permission from York Gazette & Daily.)

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Schaefer, of Yoe, Pennsylvania, who have a wide friendship among gas and steam restorers and collectors, were honored April 17 in recognition of their 50th wedding anniversary.

Mrs. Schaefer is well known as a representative of Gas Engine Magazine and Iron-Men Album at many shows, thresherees and reunions. She and her husband are members of the 'Stemgas Family,' although she also represents other publishers.

Hosts for the buffet reception held in their honor were their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Schaefer, Jr., of York, and Mrs. Charles Gotwalt, York, a sister of Mrs. Schaefer.

The Schaefers annually travel thousands of miles to bring books and magazines to eager customers. Mrs. Schaefer handles the sales and the records, and her husband drives the car and packs and unpacks the merchandise. He usually also carries with him a few of the models he has made.

The couple received a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. One of the signers was Rep. Kenneth E. Brandt of Bainbridge, R. 1, member of a family well known in steam traction engine circles.