| June/July 1985

653 W. Westview Springfield, MO 65807

Yes, when we heard about this 125 HP 2 cylinder Cooper-Besserman, it was to be sold for scrap iron.

When Vance West advised our club (Branch 16) of this engine, the club members appointed Vance and myself to check and see if we could buy this engine for our club.

When we arrived at the Milk Plant, where it was located, we were surprised to see one still in operation on a refrigeration unit.

When their foreman took us to their warehouse, there was this engine all stripped down, but he stated all the parts were there, and it was running when they removed it from one of their other plants.

After talking to the manager, and explaining to him we wanted it as a club project, he was nice enough to let us have it at scrap iron price.