Retrieving The Woodpecker

| November/December 1990

1399 Orange Street, Clearwater, Florida 34616

Lawrence E. Fuller, 1399 Orange Street, Clearwater, Florida 34616, rescued this Woodpecker from an old shed in Maine and restored it to original condition. Here it is in April 1990, ready for a show. Fuller's.

The beginning of this story goes back to about 1934. As a young boy growing up on a small farm in central Maine, I was eager to help my father start an old saw engine he had just acquired. I remember that the engine was considered to be quite old and that it did not run. We decided that there was no spark and that it needed something called a 'buzz coil.' A. new coil was obtained and, with some old fashioned telephone batteries given to us by a friend from the phone company, we soon got it started. We found this engine very useful for several years, sawing many cords of firewood.

I seem to recall that my father spent 'quite a bit' of money for this machine. I believe it was $15.00 that he spent for the engine, belt and crosscut saw table with 30' blade!

After several years the engine was stored in the tool shed for awhile when my dad decided to heat with oil and no longer needed wood.

In 1940, after the death of my mother, my father decided to build a hunting camp in a secluded area deep in the northern Maine woods. This area could only be reached by driving over an abandoned railway bed for over ten miles. After the camp was finished, he transported the old engine and saw to the camp, where he used it to saw wood to heat the camp.