| November/December 1981

  • William Knack

  • William Knack

S. St. Paul, Minnesota 55075

My name is William Knack and I am a subscriber to Gas Engine Magazine. I enjoy reading the magazine, especially the stories where an old engine or tractor is brought back from the grave and restored to life again. Wish there were more stories like that!

I and Ted Knack, my son, and his family, restored a 65 Case steam engine and now I have restored 5 gas engines.

My son, Billy Knack and I have restored two 1926 model T Fords and we turned a 54-passenger bus into a motor home.

I am 77-years-old and this is my hobby. I have a story.

It all started when I wrote a letter to my cousin, Emil Langer Jr., at Fargo, North Dakota about picking up old gas engines and restoring them. He wrote me back and said, 'why not come up and pick up our old engine. It is on the farm at Alice, North Dakota by my sister Sadie Hartle's farm.'