Respect for Widows of Rusty Iron

| December/January 1993

9085 Columbia Road N.E., Louisville, Ohio 44641

I hope everyone will read this small article, although it does not pertain to everyone. There really are some very insensitive men in the world of Rusty Iron collectors.

When a woman loses her husband of many years, the last thought in her mind is about hit and miss engines, tractors, toys, etc.

This has happened to a good friend of ours and you cannot believe the nerve of some people! They stop at the house wanting to look over his collection, to see if there is anything they might want. One says her husband promised to sell him a certain engine, another is starting a museum and would like to get one of his special engines, another wants to return a cart and will gladly put it away for her, or how soon will she be having an auction? Any old excuse to get in the door!

She has to be able to mourn the death of her husband, learn to cope and live without him, has a mountain of hospital and doctor bills, with paper work to do, everything goes through probate court, etc. Give the lady time to heal!

Please fellows, if you can't offer condolence and support at a time like this, just leave the woman alone. This could be your wife and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate someone trying to get the best of her and your prized collection.