| May/June 1972

254 Elma Avenue, N. E., Salem, Oregon 97301.

(A former farm boy brought up on a Saskatchewan farm)

1929-2 cylinder Hart-Parr 12-24 owned and restored by Percy.

I have a miniature farm display that I made by hand, showing how we farmed during 1920 to 1930.

My father and I farmed quite big in the 1920s. Most farms were a half section, but we farmed around one and a half sections, mostly with horses until 1920 when we purchased a 10-20 Titan to do the heavy work. In those days he and I did a lot of spring plowing and the Titan was used all year round for the spring field work and the summer fallowing. The Titan was hitched to a binder during harvest and on the belt for threshing. Dad custom threshed, so it had quite a work-out and in the winter he did custom feed chopping.

1934-4 cylinder Hart-Parr 28-44 owned and restored by Percy. 12 x 24 in background.