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The Insignificant Actions of Humans are of Real Value to God

By Staff

The author suggests that humans often miss how our actions towards others seem insignificant but are of real value to God.

I was driving near my parental home when I overtook a friend of
mine carrying a sack of groceries. I stopped my car and offered to
take him home. He had about two miles to go. He said, “Oh! it
is hardly worthwhile”. This saying irritated me no little. I
had worn my brakes stopping and spent my gas getting started and
all the thanks I got was, “It is hardly worthwhile”.

I wonder how often things seem insignificant to men while in the
eyes of God they are of real value. Take Jesse when Samuel came to
find a future King. His sons passed one by one past Samuel but
there was no indication of a King. “Is this all your
sons?”, asked Samuel. Jesse replied, “There is a young lad
herding sheep in the field but it hardly worthwhile to send for
him”. That boy was the future King David.

Remember Naman when he was sent by Elisha to wash in the Jordan?
Naaman was indignant. There were good rivers in his country Hardly
worthwhile to come all the down here. He got his healing only by

Turn to the preaching of Paul on Mars Hill. It was all right
until he mentioned the Resurrection — then it was hardly worthwhile.
They said we will hear you some other time.

There is only one thing that is not worth doing and that is to
turn from the highest that God and our conscience have revealed to

It is worth noting how much of Jesus’ life was spent in
doing what the world considers “not worthwhile”. It was not
worthwhile to bow the knee to Satan even though kingdoms were
offered. It was not worthwhile to answer a word to Pilate though
it might have procured his release.

There arc some great spiritual truths to which we seem to fling
this disgusting statement. The Great Christian Brotherhood is one
of them. Missionaries have given their lives for this brotherhood.
Our Fathers have been burned at the stake because of it.

The Fellowship of Jesus is another. We often journey miles to
see the grave, monument of a soldier, poet or writer. It seems not
worthwhile to come to the house of worship to fellowship with our maker. Do we appreciate what a wonderful fellowship this is?

  • Published on Mar 1, 1966
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