| September/October 1994

With the advent of September, we think of the approaching end of summer and the many shows that take place Labor Day weekend and on into the fall. Please remember to send us your show reports, so that others may learn of your unique events and plan to attend next year!

We are happy to have an article by Dr. Reynold Wik in this issue with many rare illustrations of unusual tractors that never made it into the mainstream. This should be of special interest to our tractor history buffs.

Good news for our Pennsylvania subscribers! As of July 1, 1994, the state legislature has seen fit to drop the dreaded sales tax on subscriptions! We're very happy about this, since we know our Pennsylvania subscribers were angered by the imposition of this tax a few years ago. So, if you're a Pennsylvania resident renewing your subscription, you won't be paying sales tax on it the tax remains on all back issues, books and other merchandise.

Try to keep cool, if you're experiencing the kinds of heat waves we've been having around here this summer. Fall is on the way!