| July/August 1993

It's hard to believe that when you read this it will be early to mid-July, and show season will be in full swing. Unfortunately, we ran out of Directories early this year-in the month of May. We hate to disappoint those of you who order late, but it's always hard to tell exactly how many of these to print. Needless to say, we'll print more next year!

However, we are pleased to announce that our latest edition of the Farm Museum Directory is now available and is advertised on page 41.  It's been five years since we revised this, and the new edition contains over 200 listings of museums in the U.S. and Canada. We thank the Association of Living Historical Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) for their cooperation in this project.

About 75 subscribers and friends of GEM will be returning from their trip to England led by Chuck Wendel-we hope everyone had a memorable time and that our other readers will enjoy the trip vicariously through future magazine articles. It-successful, this trip may lead to more group guided engine tours in the future.