Poetry Page


| October/November 1989

3194 Main Street, Marlette, Michigan 48453

I'll tell you a tale that's full of joy
About life on the farm, when I was a boy.
Money was scarce and toys were few
So we learned to take care and to make do.
Still, life was good there on the farm, when I was a lad.
With my brothers and sisters, and Mother and Dad.

A few cows, chickens, and pigs
Gave us milk and eggs, meat, butter, and lard
And I didn't know that times were hard.

To bring wood for the stove, and water from the well
Was not fun at all - so I thought.
But what delicious meals Mother would cook on the stove
With the wood I had brought.

There was whipped cream on cake
Or an elderberry pie, she would bake.
And wild blackberries from the edge of the woods
There they grew big, plump, and sweet
In a bowl with fresh cream, oh what a treat!

To call Dad to supper, I'd go on the run
To ride up the lane on old Prince was part of the fun.