Pictures from the Past

| March/April 2004

  • Gade Bros. MFG Co.,of Gas Engines'

    Iowa Falls Historical Society

  • Gade Bros. MFG Co.,of Gas Engines'

Gade Bros. Manufacturing Co., Iowa Falls, Iowa, was an important manufacturer of gas engines in the early 1900s. In February 1910 part of the factory burned to the ground. This photograph, taken a day or two after the tragedy, shows that only about a third of the building was left. Shattered window panes indicate that it got pretty hot.

Note the workmen sifting through the ruins at back - a flywheel is just visible. At the front dozens of engine cylinders are stacked up, along with barrels full of parts that were probably heaved out of the building in a hurry. Photo courtesy the Iowa Falls Historical Society.

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