| February/March 1986

Bob Elliot of 12353-212 Street, Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada V3Z 1G3 wrote to us recently and enclosed this picture of his 1913 Jud-son, s/n 50794. Elliott sent the picture because he had never seen one in GEM before.

'This engine is 4 HP at 350 RPM. It has a 5' bore and 7' stroke,' he writes. 'It was dragged out of a pile of scrap in an orchard in the interior of British Columbia, where it was used to pump water for their irrigation system.

According to Elliott, C. S. Judson Company was established in 1912 by Charles Judson and F. W. Roberts. It was a mail order firm, which bought engines from Stover in Freeport, Illinois. They upped the HP rating, put on their tags and shipped them out. The Winnipeg, Manitoba firm sold their engines mostly in western Canada, and apparently sold thousands of the Stover-built engines during their years in business.