Our Old ‘New’ Saw Mill

By Staff
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R.R. 2, Box 225J Ulster, Pennsylvania 18850

In the fall of 1998 the Bradford County Old Timers received a
Frick saw mill in memory of Lester Wittie.

Our old saw mill was dismantled and sold. On a cold November
morning a group of members met in East Smith-field to dismantle the
new mill. This took several trailer loads to move the mill to the
show grounds. It was then covered and stored for winter.

In the spring the cement piers were poured. Then the mill was
assembled. This took many hours of hard work by our dedicated

Just before our show in August the mill was finally ready to be
tested. After some adjustments the mill cut the first board.

The Case steamer was kept busy running the saw mill during the
show. The leftover logs were cut after the show. Then the mill was
covered for the winter to await the new millennium.

This year the Bradford Old Timers 37th annual show will be held
on August 18, 19, and 20 at the VFW grounds in East Smithfield,
Pennsylvania. In addition to the sawmill there will be other wood
working equipment and a demonstration of hand hewing beams.

John Deere tractors and equipment will be featured. Join us for
our 37th show and share in the good times.

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