Our Grandchildren Have The Bug!

| September/October 1990

Rt 1, Box 30 Holbook, Nebraska 68948

My husband reads his 'second Bible,' the Gas Engine Magazine, faithfully when it arrives. So I just had to share a little incident with the readers.

We have been taking our granddaughter to shows in our area since she was two years old and our grandson since age three. After once attending a show they had the 'bug!' They love to ride the horse and wagons, buggies, Tains or whatever else anyone will let them ride on or in! Jenny is probably the only seven year old girl who has her bedroom curtain covered with gas engine show buttons and ribbons. She's upset if she doesn't get a button at the gate to pin on her blouse. All winter the kids asked: 'When's the next gas engine show?' Early this spring I said, 'Jenny, do you know it's only five months till our first show?'

Her quick reply was 'Alright!' Teasingly her mother said, 'Jenny, you know now that you're seven you can't go with Grams anymore, you're too old to go.' Grandpa Norman said, 'Well, Red, (because of her hair color) how old are you?' Without any hesitation she seriously said, 'four!' We got the biggest laugh out of this! Would you say this little girl loves engines shows?

God bless all our good Gas Engine friends.