One Man's Junk...

| October/November 1993

26 Mott Place Rockaway Boro, NJ 07866

In the beginning of February I made my weekly pilgrimage to one of my local salvage yards. For the last few trips I've found a few small Briggs & Stratton cast iron engines, and several Reo mower engines in various states of repair, lying atop a 30 foot high pile of scrap iron.

On this trip, however, I found something far more interesting near the base of the pile. At first glance it looked like a sheet of 14 inch plate steel on a small skidjust what I was looking for! As I got closer to the base of the pile, I could see that something was still bolted to the plate. 'Goodies' I thought! I worked for about five minutes to uncover the object that was bolted to the plate and found a two cylinder water cooled engine and generator set with a mangled control panel and a smashed radiator laying on its side. Well the engine looked neat anyhow. After another five minutes work, I had everything uncovered, and was able to tip the unit back onto its base.

WOW, I thought, most of it's still here. Maybe I can fix it up! And the crank is still free!!! Well, I got more than I thought. After looking it over, I dragged it away from the massive pile and I wrote SOLD on the smashed radiator shell. I then went inside to talk to the salvage yard's owner. We settled on what we both thought was a fair price, and I went home to retrieve my trailer in order to take it home.

When I got back, one of the yard workers said 'Hey, Andy, does this go with that?' He was holding a mangled door and end piece to a metal cabinet. I took it over to the generator and found that indeed it had been ripped off the generator end of the unit. After looking for several more minutes, I managed to locate the two side panel doors. They were about halfway up the pile of iron and were partially buried and bent up. I

also found the radiator end panel and the top. They apparently were under the unit where I had originally found it, and in my hurry to remove the generator from the pile, I had not seen them. They too were badly bent up, but LO and BEHOLD the fuel tank was still attached to the cabinet top and it was still intact, except for the fuel line fitting which had been recently wrung off flush with the tank outlet fitting.