'One Boy' Mystery Solved?

| October/November 1990

  • Coupon from 1925 IHC advertisement
    Coupon from 1925 IHC advertisement.

  • Coupon from 1925 IHC advertisement

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In the May 1990 issue of GEM, page 29, was a 1925 ad showing a coupon with a child's name and the ad of International Harvester asking, 'Whose name is this?' It was followed by 'Somewhere in the United States is a disappointed boy, waiting for a toy International truck we can't send because we can't read his name and address.'

In regard to that Vintage Advertising article please let me tell you of the exciting thing that has happened.

When I first came across the article with the headline, 'We Are Looking for One Boy-or Is It a Girl?', I got on two pairs of reading glasses and studied the signed coupon. I looked and looked. I was truly engrossed for about an hour, but of course, I could not decipher the words.

About ten days later I happened to tell my wife about the article. I went to my back reading room and brought her the magazine so she could try to decipher it. I turned on the kitchen light and also handed her a magnifying glass. No way could she come up with anything.

I was engrossed all over again and went in the back sitting room and pored over it again for another hour or so. I decided that in the beginning, the name of the state should and would be the most revealing clue. That possibly could lead to the rest of the detailed mystery. I looked and looked. I also had access to a large Rand-McNally Road Atlas of the United States. I accidentally opened the atlas to the state of Oregon, and checked the coupon again and there it was, Oregon, but not quite.