On Sleds

| January/February 1970

Montana 59864

Dick Stevens and Jack Schevger. Pictures taken 1912 by George Hubert, 4? miles north of Medora, North Dakota.

This picture and story were given me by Mr. Hubert of Ronan, Montana 59864, which I thought was very interesting. Mr. Hukert had run the big Minneapolis steamer in Mr. Rathert's story in the Sept-Oct. 1968 issue of Iron-Men before it was used for the big irrigation pump. Mr. Hubert and I went up to Mr. Rathert's Steam Thresher Reunion at Forman, North Dakota, and saw the 'Mighty Minnie '. He had a very large crowd and had a splendid collection of steamers, gas tractors, and antique cars.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the good readers who wrote and told me that the engine I inquired about was a 30 hp. Robert Bell Canadian make.

Garth Pfutzenreuter RR1 Box 14 Hecla, South Dakota 57446

I have been asked to write the story of the picture of the six-horse team and the threshing machine on sleds, which takes me back fifty-six years. The picture was taken in February 1912 on the Little Missouri in North Dakota.