| June/July 1987

516 East Third St., Bloomsburg, PA 17815

It was my mistake so I really shouldn't complain. I saw an ad in our local paper for anyone who was interested in antique engines. Little did I know, when I pointed out the ad to my father, that this 'hobby club' would turn into a lifetime obsession.

My father answered the ad and went to a couple of meetings. In December of 1979, the North Jersey Antique Engine and Machine Club was born.

My father, John Willis, Jr., and my brother, Harry, now 17, decided that to be members of such a club they should have something to donate. They found a 1917 Ideal Model R, 11/2 HP engine and completely restored it.

Silly me. I thought this would be their only engine, but it wasn't. I was seriously mistaken.

The club's first show was held in July of 1980, and my grandfather, Harry Greenleaf, a dairy farmer in southern New York, decided to 'join the act.' He only used John Deere tractors on the farm and decided to invest in older models of 'Mean Green Machines.'