Old Iron 'Still In Hiding'

| June/July 1994

1108 Emery Lane Jeffersonville, Indiana 471X

Many times over the years I have heard this statement made in regards to hunting old iron: 'I don't hunt old iron much anymore, because I think by now most of it has been found.'

I hope these photos will revive someone's enthusiasm in regards to looking for old iron. I know from experience it isn't necessary to travel mud roads and to become lost in the wilderness in your search for gas engines, tractors, etc.

Here's an excellent example of just how far one might need to go in search of something restorable. I live in what's best described as 'the suburbs,' yet less than a mile from my house there is a Farmall tractor which has been in the same spot for years. On the other side of the coin, I once found and purchased a 25 HP Superior gas in the state of Oklahoma and believe me it was, as the crow flies, at least ten miles to the nearest blacktop road. And I am sure any collector worth his salt has seen both sides of the coin. Don't give up hope because you never know what is sitting in the next orchard or behind the barn.

Don't phone me for the exact locations of the items in the photos. I simply don't remember, and some of the items I purchased at the time the photos were made and most have been sold or traded for something else since then.