Oil Pull Tune-up for lightweights only

| November/December 1970

2501 W. Market Street York, Pa. 17404

(REF: Valve timing and magneto setting for collectors who have very little experience with these old Rumelys.)

If an Oil Pull has the old Du4 American bosch mag on, be sure it is safe and has a good winding and good impulse. You could be killed 'outright' with a bad impulse on an old Du4 or a Du2. You can replace these with the new MFR or a MJA-c American Bosch magneto.

I was at a show in the summer and I had to get around the Oil Pulls because I like to hear them run. But here they were, cranking away; and one man said he was ready to give up. I walked over to him and told him who I was. 'Boy,' he said, 'I sure am glad you are here. We never had one of these before and I really like the engine. I'd give anything to get it started.

I said, 'Do you have spark?'

He said, 'What is that?'