Newlyweds Find Honeymoon Spot Through GEM Ad

| February/March 1989

Rt #2, Box 145 Chesnee, South Carolina 29323

Newlyweds Steve and Margaret Cannon, of Boiling Springs, South Carolina, spent their honeymoon in Dade City, Florida, thanks to an ad in GEM. The Cannons had a thoroughly wonderful visit to a fellow collector.

For anyone who wishes to visit Vernon and Lola, you won't find any nicer folks. Vernon is always is willing to crank some of his engines.

The theme for the Citrus Hill R.V. Park is antique engines. Although the recreation center is under construction, all facilities are more than adequate. Fresh oranges can be picked for breakfast.

Should any fellow collectors be in the vicinity, I recommend a stop in Dade City.

Again, a big 'thank you' to the Speers.