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| July/August 1967

  • 1929 Willys Knight 66 B
    Courtesy of John C. Slade, 929 Ridgelawn Ave., Hamilton, Ohio
    John C. Slade

  • 1929 Willys Knight 66 B

Shown above is the famous 1929 Willys Knight 66 B, Great Six, PLAID SIDE ROADSTER, one of the most attractive cars of its time. The side-mounted spare, wire wheels, and the curved door with the plaid striping gave this beauty a real distinction. The national Willys Knight Registry is holding a national meet in Hamilton, Ohio, on July 22 in conjunction with the National Auto Festival. Many Overland Willys and Willy Knight cars will be exhibited

Hamilton, Ohio: Auto Festival '67 would be an appropriate title for the 13th annual antique Auto Festival and Tour to be held in this city on Saturday, July 22. Thousands of spectators, old and young, will be thrilled at the exciting spectacle of almost the whole history of the American Motor Car. 'Hey, Get a Horse!', 'How Fast Will It Go?', and 'Blow Your Horn' will be the cry of the youngsters. The teenagers just won't believe it, but grandpa will know, he was there in the beginning.

The Annual Auto Festival, now highly respected throughout the country will this year formally become an international attraction as registrations arrive from Canada as well as California, Texas, Florida, New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, Colorado and all over the U. S.

On July 21, 22 and 23 the national Kaiser Frazer Club will hold their national convention in Hamilton and will participate in the Festival tour on Saturday, July 22. The K. F. cars are expected to present the most complete exhibition of the first new post WW II cars since production days. Kaiser Frazer introduced new design concepts such as the beautifully sculptured Kaiser Darrin, said to be America's first sports car, and a variety of award winning closed models. With ample supply of new factory parts many of the K. F. cars will appear in like new condition and it will be a 5,000 mile trip to Hamilton and return for some California cars.

Another 1967 attraction for spectators and antique car enthusiasts will be the display of the famous old Willys Knight automobiles. The National Registry (Club) of Willys Knight automobiles (with members in several countries) has sent word through their director in Winston-Salem that they will hold their first national meet in Hamilton in conjunction with the 13th festival. It is anticipated that an impressive gathering' of Knight powered cars will line up for the tour. Older spectators will also recall the Stearns Knight, the Falcon Knight and Willys and other famous Knight (sleeve valve) powered automobiles.

1967 is also expected to be the year of the Rolls Royce, several have been purchased in the Cint.-Dayton area and two in Butler County. Almost everyone loves a Rolls. The story goes that the only sound a Rolls made was the click of the ignition key; so they made that a silent operation. Several of the finest Rolls in the country are expected to take part in the Hamilton Festival.


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