| November/December 1969

910 E. Oak St. Griffith, Indiana 46319

In the Sept-Oct. issue, Mr. John Fleming needed information on a method of mounting a twin Maytag. Here's how I did mine. Made from 1? x 1? x 3/16' angle iron cut and welded to form 'Z' iron as thus; use 1? long bolts with ? thick spacers between bracket and tank top.

To complete the mounting, I used two rails of 1 5/8' x 2 1/4' x 16' oak, as feet. My 'stable' includes 2 'twins', one is equipped with Eismann magneto and is mounted as this sketch shows. The other twin has the Wico Magneto and has mounting holes drilled and topped into the gas tank bottom. I am going to mount it direct to the oak rails.

Who can furnish a sketch or picture of the starting system used on an Associated Mfg. Co. Waterloo Iowa ? hp. SN 5900? Patterned after Maytag basically, except for the cast iron flywheel and gear driven separate magneto, separate in the respect that it is not included in the flywheel as most of the small engines I've seen.

This picture was found in a barn on a farm formerly owned by my wife, near Hastings, Michigan. Apparently, it was taken about the time of World War I and I imagine is an I.H.C. dealer's display or a new shipment of the famous old 10-20 Titan two-lunger tractors. I haven't so far been able to find out much about it. Photographer is unknown but photo was taken fifty years ago.