My Inverted Headless

| December/January 1993

3012 S. Catherine, Lansing, Michigan 48911

T bought this air compressor at the I Hartford, Michigan flea market. It has a 3' bore and a 5' stroke. It had one main bearing and open gear reduction driven by an 8' flat pulley.

The only ID is cast on the side, and it says 'size one.' I made the cart first from scrap steel and flea market wheels. I made the crankshaft longer and made a bracket and second outboard main bearing. I used a 45 pound flywheel that I bought at the Hoosier Flywheeler's Swap Meet.

Because of the headless design, I made a new connecting rod 1' shorter, added a new wrist pin and bearing, a crankpin and bearing. I shortened the stroke 1' to a four inch stroke. That brought the piston up 1 inches from the bottom. I made a brass carb, gas tank and governor. I used Volkswagen gears for the sideshaft.

There is no intake valve visible. It had a short, flat, seat valve inside of a brass fitting. I changed it to an angle seat. I made a new exhaust valve and brass fitting for the muffler. The pulley is from an emergency brake drum off a Dodge car.

The engine starts and runs nice at about 200 RPM. It fires about 12 times a minute. I hope to show it a lot at the 1993 shows.