My Engine Adventure

| February/March 1998

5 Merion Terrace Collingswood, New Jersey 08108

This adventure starts in August of 1995. I work at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. In August of 1995 I attended a five-day school to familiarize all of the mechanics with a new gas turbine used in our new co-generation plant which makes steam and electricity for the university.

The gentleman who conducted this school works for the Solar Turbine Company, which is based in San Jose, California. His name is Pete. Since Pete likes engines and other mechanical things, we hit it off instantly.

Since August of 1995, Pete and I have stayed in touch. In May of 1996 I located a Maytag model 92, which I shipped to him and he has since restored.

When Pete was at my university, I showed him pictures of the hit and miss engines I have restored. Since this time, Pete has been looking for a hit and miss engine that he could restore. In his work with Solar Turbine, Pete travels all over the country. About two months ago he was in New Orleans and he finally found an engine, a Hercules in rough but restorable condition. He had this engine shipped to his home in California.

After disassembling the engine, Pete called me to ask some questions concerning the restoration of his Hercules. In the course of this conversation with me, Pete mentioned that he had been trying to locate old engines on the Internet, and he told me he had received a reply to his Internet request from a gentleman in Massachusetts.