Mr. Fixit for Engine Collectors

| January/February 1985

Rural Route 2, Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501.

Written by Walter B. Stevens, editor of The Messenger, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Reprinted with permission.

It's an unlikely place in which to machine his engine parts which are shipped to all parts of the nation.

Wally Steding's small manufacturing shop borders the west edge of the Hillcrest School playground in northwest Fort Dodge. There's room in the shed built onto the side of his double garage for little more than a bearing boring machine, two lathes a small drill press, a grinder and a few other basic tools.

The double garage is crammed with years of collections of antiques, piled high and in no semblance of order. Somewhere in the heap are 35 old gas engines the owner purchased at various sales in the past quarter century.

Wally Steding, 807 Riverside St. N.W., Fort Dodge, Iowa, 50501-it's a familiar address for many a gas engine collector who needs rods, bearings, magneto gears or shaft, carburetor kits or a host of other parts. Collectors send their orders for parts, by mail or by telephone, and Wally turns out the items in his small shop and forwards them via UPS.