| September/October 1977

After 11 years of the gas engine hobby, a person collects quite a few tons of iron in varying states of repair. I accumulated about 34 engines, 2 tractors and other equipment not to mention lots of parts, piles of books and literature, including a large stack of G.E.M.'s (from 1966). I have been living with my parents (I am 23 years old) and they have tolerated all my iron. I decided to get a place of my own, so I bought a 16-acre farm near Elkton, Maryland - about 20 miles away. This will give me more elbow room than I now have living in town. Just thinking about moving all that iron makes my back hurt.

Most people know me from the classified pages of GEM as the 'OTTO GAS ENGINE WORKS.' I sell piston rings, oiler glasses and other supplies. Please address all mail to my NEW ADDRESS: