Mount Joy to Mount Pleasant

| February/March 1994

969 Iron Bridge Road Mount Joy, Pennsylvania 17552

Our summer vacation of 1993 was going to be unusual. Ed and I had made a commitment to display our New Way engines at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, practically 1,000 miles from our home town of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. I was having second thoughts about this decision.

Every day I scanned the weather map on the Today Show for sunny days in Iowa, but they were hard to find. As a sunny day person, my comfort zone was being invaded big time. We planned to attend the Tri State Engine Show in Portland, Indiana, first, and the thought of being away from home over two weeks made me edgy.

Sharing an air mattress in our pick-up for an extended time with a 13-year-old grouchy Pekingese named Peppy, who gasps for breath without his heart medicine, and Suzie, his lively five-month-old counterpart, was not one of my life's dreams. Things looked bleak.

To add to my dismal outlook on this venture, I was told Mount Pleasant was really big. 'Big' triggers anxiety attacks. But my friends kept telling me, 'You'll enjoy it,' so we proceeded on the path of no return to Iowa.

When we arrived at the show grounds on Tuesday, August 31, the only helpful reference we had was a name, Louis Tuller. I now call Lou the 'shepherd of the gas engine flock.' He personally talked with each participant as they signed in and was diligent to meet all our needs throughout the week.