More Insurance Information

| February/March 1987

In response to our article on liability insurance for engine clubs, we have received a letter from Kermit A. Doucet, 725 S. Washington St., P.O. Drawer 4303, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502. Mr. Doucet is an attorney specializing in personal injury cases, which are commonly referred to as 'insurance cases.' He was employed by various insurance companies for eight years and has been a practicing attorney for almost ten years. He is also a member of several antique automobile clubs, and therefore, has a personal sympathy for the insurance problems that our readers face.

Mr. Doucet advised the Bayou Old Tyme Engine and Power Association on this problem a few years ago, and his advice would hold true for other clubs as well. He first suggested that the club incorporate, 'so that no individual would have an exposure for someone else's negligence under the joint venture theory'. Secondly, he informed the club members that they should each have a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy with a liability provision, which would cover them for any negligence causing any accident, injury or damages. This, he said, is probably the cheapest liability insurance you can buy.

Mr. Doucet said that 'the Antique Automobile Club of America has a $1,000,000.00 insurance policy covering all AACA sanctioned functions. The requirements of AACE also mandate that any member of a local club be a member of the National Organization also. That pro vides the appropriate coverage.'

We appreciate Attorney Doucet's information and invite others who have wrestled with the insurance question to share their knowledge and experience with our readers.