More About Power Plants

| January/February 1991

3711 S. Hampton Drive Bettendorf, Iowa 52722.

As of this date I know of two sizes: 1 KW powered by a 1? to 2? International Model LA engine, and a 2 KW powered by a 3 to 5 HP International Model LA engine.

The alternators were built by LeLand Electric of Dayton, Ohio. They had a 120 volt AC and a 12 volt DC winding in them. Each were fitted with a flywheel V belt pulley of Ready-Power's design.

The Ready-Power Company of Detroit, Michigan, manufactured the main mounting base for the unit and cast a special heavy flywheel that had cooling fins and double V belt grooves for the engine.

They made an outer cooling coil ring for the engine coolant by using air compressor after cooler tubing and brass castings of their design to direct coolant from the top of the hopper past the flywheel cooling fins, into the lower head of the engine. This thermosyphon process allowed for long run times without adding any new coolant. To make a quieter engine the steel cam gear was replaced with a fiber material cam gear!

To mount the fuel tank, and no need for a power output shaft, the cam shaft on these engines was cut off at its bearing outer edge. This left room to install a frost-plug here in the engine block to seal oil in and keep dirt out. Some of these units had a remote starting ability. This was done with the installation of 12 volt solenoids on the fuel shutoff valve and the carburetor choker plate and controlled from this panel through wire cable and a car battery of 12 volts.