| December/January 1986

RD 1, Box 318-E Carmichaels, PA 15320

A fightfully heavy gift to you from me
Over in the shop beside a tire you'll see.
Covered with a blanket to ward off the cold
Ancient and rusty but never too old.
Just coax and tinker and maybe some fire
But once you succeed she'll never expire.
A real face lift some red and green paint
Just like new there'd be no complaint.
Now Christmas is here
And Santa brings cheer.

The tree is all trimmed the lights are all lit
I'll allow just one guess maybe a miss may be a hit
Now leave your warm chair you know what to do
Let's all get our coats and we'll follow you
Hope you love your Christmas gift chosen with care
In hopes that our love will always be there

Bill Groves found this poem wrapped and under the Christmas tree for him last year. As you can see, his wife Paula's present to him was a hit and miss engine.