| November/December 1967

I Chronicles 11:21 'How be it He attain not.'

This is one of the sad things which strikes a man in mid-life. How many there are, who disappoint their promise. Where are the brilliant-medal men of school days? Too often you never hear of them again. They have not 'attained'. Only .3 out of 100 mercantile men are successful. The 97 are not failures-just never reached the goal. They were 'men who disappointed their promise'.

Our text illustrates this in a very striking way. It is a report of mighty deeds. One killed a lion, on a snowy day, after killing her two cubs. Not a useful deed, but certainly a brave one.

My friend told me this incident--A young man saw an advt., in a magazine, of a saw that would cut 20 cord of wood per day. He went to the hardware and bought the saw. Of course, it was a power saw and he did not know it. He used it as a crosscut saw, but could only cut about 1 cord a day. The third day he went to the dealer and complained. The dealer went to the woods with him and when he started the- saw engine, the man said, 'What's that?' He then watched the agent work the saw a while and he said he understood. He then cut the 20 cords per day.

God has given all of us a great power in our hands. It is a gift God gives us at birth. He never takes it back. The sad comment is that so many of us are cutting only a cord a day when we should be doing 20.

What kept these men from attaining? Why were they not among the mighty mighties of David's army? We do not know. Perhaps unreliable men. Good enough to do a piece of reckless daring but not to be trusted in the common-place drizzle. Good enough to make a show on a parade. But not to be trusted on a long campaign or tedious march.