Memories Come Rushing Back

| July/August 1974

Box 328, Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543

'He was so proud of at tractor. It's all dolled up with a light, and look at his Flying Red horse up there on the hood. That tractor must have been made about 1938 or 1939. We still have one just the same age, but with rubber tires. With a three-bottom plow, it cost a thousand and fifty dollars new. I remember the price exactly.'

Remember the farm years of the 1930s, when there was more hand and horse work on the farm then there is now, and steam was still very much a part of the scene?

They're recaptured in a new book called 'Farm Town', based on life in and around Horton, Kansas, in those 1930s.

The original photographs were taken by J.W. 'Wes' McManigal, whom some of our readers probably knew. The text was written by Grant Heilman of Lititz, Pa., who visited the town in recent years and talked to the people. Heilman took some pictures which help bring the story of Horton up to date.

The warmth, the sweetness, the hard work and the fun of farming are caught in the pictures and text. Horses, haying, threshing, life downtown, farm sales, politics--all are caught by the cameraman's lens and the writer's poetic prose.