Maytag Memory

| September/October 1992

609 S. First St. Odessa, Missouri 64076

The washing machine made soft swishing sounds as it washed the clothes. I stood at the large window in the laundry room and watched as my grandchildren changed the large box into a fantasy of their imagination. They seemed to be enjoying the box as much as I was enjoying my new Maytag washing machine.

I heard Deric say, 'It should be a jet so I can zoom across the sky.'

'No, it should be a skyscraper reaching up, up, up,' declared Mindy.

'I know what let's do,' Deric said with excitement in his voice, 'Let's pretend it's an igloo and we'll be Eskimos!'

As I stood watching my grandchildren change the box into anything their imaginations dreamed up, my thoughts slipped back to the summer of 1939. . .