Marine Engine Information in The Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Patent Library, Detroit

| February/March 1992

7964 Oakwood Park Court, St. Michaels, MD 21663

The Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (MVMA) maintains a Patent Library at their offices in the Albert Kahn Building in Detroit. There are boxes of literature on many subjects: brakes, electrical, bodies, transmissions, engines, etc. The literature is preserved for patent reasons, in case some item can show prior use of an idea. The boxes are clean and well-labeled, though the engine boxes are rather scattered. The librarian is James Wren; I found him very helpful. They are not staffed to respond to letters or phone calls, but anyone may visit the library and use it.

Each box contains literature for a period of one to three years. Within each box, literature is divided into specific years by folders. The 'engine' boxes contain literature on car, truck, tractor, and marine engines. I took notes on only the marine engines except for a few others that were of special interest to me. The items below are catalogs unless otherwise noted. Markings show that most items were picked up at trade shows.

1910-12 Box

1911 Jenceck Motor Manufacturing Co., Port Chester, NY. 4-page folder. T-head; 4 cyl 5 x 5?, 40 HP and 6 cyl 7? x 7?, 150 HP.

1912 Gray instruction book. Hard back. Good cross sections of Schebler and Krice carbs. They called the Krice a 'puddle carburetor'.

1912 Loew Mfg. Co., Cleveland. T-head, 1-6 cyl and a 4-cyl en bloc engine.

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