Machines Replaced Horses, Then People...

| April/May 1994

Reprinted from On The Tractor Seat, newsletter of EDGE OTA Branch #30, with permission.

A few days back, my wife and I were discussing the problem of unemployment and crime in America and the industrialized countries of the world. Since then, it has occurred to me that this condition just may be insurmountable in today's society.

An analogy could be made comparing our current situation to the revolution in farming that took place with the advent of the tractor.

I was born in 1915 on a rather large farm in eastern Kansas. My father farmed about 600 acres that were mostly grain. At that time all the power for the pulling farm equipment was furnished by horses and mules. My father loved his draft stock and took great pride in their quality.

As I recall, my father had a draft team he used only for hauling farm produce to market. This was a team of beautiful matched Percherons, which were Dad's pride and joy. Also included in his personal stable was his fine team of carriage horses used only to pull the surrey we used to go to church, town and on social trips. Added to this was Mother's personal buggy mare that she drove to ladies' aid and the grocery store.

I had three brothers, all in their late teens, and each of them had his own riding horse or pony. The two older ones had their own buggies and driving horses.