Lombard Log Haulers at Scribner's Mill

| July/August 1997

  • Scribner's Mill

  • Scribner's Mill

The 'Back to the Past' celebration at Scribner's Mill in Harrison, Maine, will be held August 2 and 3 this summer. Featured this year will be the Lombard log hauler, product of New England.

In addition to three Lombard-made traction engines, there will be two 'auto tractors.' One, owned by Raymond and Paul Breton, is a 1928 gas powered dump truck which was rescued from a scrap yard. The other, picture above, is a 1934 gas powered Lombard log hauler, the next to the last tractor made, found at Star bird Lumber in Strong, Maine. Both units have been meticulously restored.

For further information, contact Scribner's Mill Preservation, PO Box 282, Harrison, ME 04040 or phone 207-583-4289.