'Krueger Comments Again'

| January/February 1970

The Pioneer 30-60 tractor

Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, North Dakota 58779

Leroy Quandt

1615 San Francisco St. San Antonio, Texas 78201

A hearty Thank-you, Anna Mae, for publishing my bit of information to J. Gordon Thomson, so that he could identify his engine as a 'Rawleigh'. It is found on page 14 in the September-October 1969 GEM, beginning near the top of the second column. Because of you publishing this, I and the rest of GEM readers, got some much needed additional history on the past 'Rawleigh-Ziegler-Schryer' set-up, and this comes from Virgil Gerdes; his portion is found on page 33 in the November-December 1969 GEM. So, thanks to Virgil. I'd suggest all readers, who have assisting answers to problems and requests, have such information printed in an early GEM, like Bennie Dodyk, on page 24 in November-December 1969 GEM writes. And, if you have read my articles, you'll recall I have always asked this be done. This getting what you want, but keeping it to yourself, will not help GEM get bigger and better, you know.

This scene is taken from an old picture taken April 15, 1916 at Makoti. John Boss farmed south of Makoti, while Henry Clare farmed near Sanish. These were the two men that bought the two Pioneers shown in the picture. The picture shows the steering device and also the plow.

Two of the men on the picture are still living. Ed Heise is second from the left and John Hoist is fourth from the left.

Of the three men mentioned in the story 'The Pioneer Tractor', Max Dobrinski and his wife, Pearl, still live on their homestead. He was one of the men that bought one of the three Pioneer tractors in 1915.

The two towns of Van Hook and Sanish mentioned in the article are now covered by the waters of the Missouri River called Lake Sakakawea since the Garrison dam was constructed. These two were moved to what is now New Town.