| January/February 1969

R.D.1, Box 78, Troy New York 12180

Having just gotten interested in collecting old gas engines only last summer (1967), we have been very lucky in what we have found so far.

We first located, in a tractor dealer's backshed, a 1/4 hp. Fairbanks Bulldog and our last find was an 8 Hp. Otto (pat'd 1893), on wheels. In between are a 6 Hp. Foos, all finished and on wheels. Also a small Hp. Detroit vertical, a 2 Hp. Taylor Vacuum, a 4 Hp. Waterloo Boy, a 5 Hp. Fairbanks-Morse Style B, a 5 Hp. Satterly on wheels with buzz saw, an 8 Hp. horizontal 'What is it?' and two Fairbanks (not F-M) vertical engines, both 7 Hp.

Fairbanks Vertical - junior model.


Here are two views of 125 Hp. Miller No. 1419 as we found her last year after following a lead kindly supplied by Mr. Howard Yoder. She is a side-by-side twin with on flywheel in the center, and one of the few four cycle engines to use crossheads. She runs on natural gas and uses Watts pressure-balanced exhaust valves, Bosch high tension rotary mag, Massey-Jahns throttling governor head, and White Star oil filter. Power cylinders are 15 x 23, flywheel 82 diameter by 20 inch face. A 16 inch leather belt ran on its rim. This engine was built in 1914 by the Miller Improved Gas Engine Co. of Springfield, Ohio, and powered the Ziegler Milling Co. in Bucyrus. Everything was five feet below ground level, so it took lots of winching as well as five truck loads to get her home. All major parts have now been moved to the Kinzer show grounds, and we plan to begin erection this summer. Ellis Wellman and I each have a 50 horse single cylinder Miller too. Collection of John P. Wilcox, 47 Deland Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43214.