Julien Engine Register

| June/July 2000

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In 1995 I purchased a 5 HP Julien (see photo #1) from Bob King in Princeton, Ontario. This has been a five year learning experience. Bob talked about making nuts and bolts to fit the engine and I couldn't figure out why he was making nuts and bolts. At this point I did not know that ?'-12 threads existed, but I soon found out that all the ?' threads on this engine were ?' -12.

While at Bob's I saw engines that were all built by Julien with names like Dorchester (see photo #2), Samson (see photo#3) and one engine without a name (see photo #4) Bob also told me later that he believes that there is a Julien named Morin. I called Bob to ask him if it was okay to use the photos I took at his house and he told me he now has a Morin.

After working on the engine I decided I would like to find out about Julien engines. This has been rather difficult and most of what I've learned has been from individuals and magazine articles. The newest info has come from the Internet. I was told about a website that had Goold Shapely &. Muir info and found a Julien shed with photos of four Juliens. It's the first time I've seen photos and documentation on this many engines at one location. (Website address: http://member.tripod.com/~buzzcoil/index-40.html)

During this period I decided that I would like to come up with a Julien Register to try and find out how many and what names are on the engines that are still in existence. I have seen a few Julien and Dorchesters, but only one Samson and I have never seen a Morin.

In order to compile the Register, I would like to ask GEM readers to send me all the info they have on Julien engines. After I have compiled the info I will send a copy to people who have sent me information. I would like the serial number, horsepower, year built and name on cover plus any other pertinent information. Thanks in advance.