John Deere Green at Adams County

| July/August 1995

P.O. Box 4, Ursa, Illinois 62376

The sixth annual show of the Adams County Olde Tyme Association was held with the Adams County Fair at Mendon, Illinois. The featured tractor and engine was John Deere this year. We had 80-plus tractors and 50-plus engines. We raffled off an MT John Deere tractor that club member Max Dickhut and his sons restored for us. Thanks, Max! Also we had an Amish made quilt and a John Deere pedal tractor. New this year was a 1926 Huber tractor, model 20-40, just restored by club member Marvin Huber, and a 1928 36' x 56' Keck-Gonnerman wooden separator owned by club member Paul Woodworth. Also we had a print shop, printing press, three cabinets of type, and a 1911 Linotype, model #8, was donated to the club by Quincy University. A BIG thanks to them! We also had a paper cutter, lead saw and small equipment loaned to us by Larry Raid to make our print shop functional and complete. With the help of club members and Larry we cleaned and repaired the machines to get ready for the show. (Thanks, Larry!)

We printed a four page paper to hand out. The old Linotype was a crowd stopper and we printed the kids' names in the paper for them. This winter more printing equipment was donated to the club: a 47' paper cutter, 19' paper cutter, two Chandler and Price printing presses, layout stone, furniture, printing blocks, and a George Washington style press, one proof press, and one small hand press. While we were printing, the rest of the club members were working hard putting on a show and the ham and bean dinner for displayers was being cooked with a steam engine in a steam kettle by club member Dean Searls. Also we had sweet corn, corn bread and Meredosia watermelon. The ladies put on room displays of an old store and dress shop. We had a craft display, potters, rope maker and two blacksmiths in our two year old blacksmith shop.

You are all welcome to come to the 1995 show July 28-31, 1995. We are featuring IHC tractors and engines and equipment. We will be hosting the IHC collectors of Illinois, Chapter #10, IHC Round Up.