| July/August 1984

  • Skim the ads

  • Skim the ads

R#1, Box 55 New London, MO 63459

After reading Smoke Rings and then some of the stories in the July-August 1983 GEM, I started to skim the ads. Whoa! Right there in the middle of page 57 1 did a double 'RI Case (rare),..... Bill Harper.' Having already restored a 1936 Case 'RC', a 1936 Case 'CC', a 1937 Case 'C', and a 1937 Case 'L', all on factory rubber with cast iron wheels, I was looking and hoping for a model 'R'.

The 'R' is the little brother to the 'L' and 'C' standard tread or wheat land models. The 'RI' is the industrial version. The main differences between the 'RI' and 'R' are:

'R'                            'RI'

Hand throttle           hand & foot
has belt pulley         throttle
hand clutch             no belt pulley
parking brake         foot clutch
and clutch brake     drum brakes in
only                        rear wheels
                              besides clutch
                              brake and
                              parking brake

After several attempts, I finally made contact with Mr. Harper, who informed me he still had the tractor at a friend's farm near Truro, Iowa. Early Saturday morning my three younger boys and I drove over 200 miles to Truro to Mr. Bill Evison's farm. He took us over the hill, behind the barn, and there it was! Talk about Jacob's 'coat of many colors.' There was red, yellow, orange, and gray paint besides some rust on the little tractor. The tires were rotted off, the precleaner was gone, and the engine was stuck. The fenders were mangled, the steering wheel was falling apart, and the PTO had been torched off. Of course, there was no battery and the bottom of the radiator tank was cracked. Anybody with normal mentality would say 'scrap it' or 'melt it down and make two or three new cars out of that iron,' but the 'old iron bug bitten' thought 'beautiful, it is almost all there, just needs a little T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care).'