It Doesn't Has'ta Be An Engine

| August/September 2001

R. D. #1, Box 642 Morrisdale, PA 16858

After years of restoring engines, I needed a new challenge. Little did I know it would soon come to be, and that it would occupy many days and evenings of my time.

One day I was visiting my brother Mack. He dug an old ten quart ice cream freezer out of his shed. He had bought it at an auction for $1.00. It was a Gem freezer, manufactured by North Brothers Manufacturing of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was in sad shape, and I told him that he should restore it. Well, that was the wrong thing to say! A few months later, it mysteriously appeared on my work bench in my garage. Now what was I to do with this?

After considerable thought, I rose to the challenge. My wife's nephew, Brian Homman, made a new container for it out of stainless steel. I might add, he did a great job! Now, the rest was up to me.

First, I purchased some six-quarter pine and started cutting and shaping. A lot of brain power was involved to get them just right. I cut and sanded, and sanded some more. Getting them to fit properly was quite an experience.

I salvaged all the hardware except the hold down bracket from the right side and the bands to hold the bucket together. Those I had to make. I rooted through boxes of junk I had and found materials to make the bracket. Now on to the bands. I purchased 1/8 x strap iron and hammered the taper in them to fit the tub.