Albert Eshelman on the IHC Titan 45 Tractor

Raleigh Woltmann interviews Albert Eshelman about finding the unusual IHC Titan 45 Tractor and how he dug it from a ditch to restore it to its original glory.

| January/February 1967

Raleigh Woltmann interviews Albert Eshelman about his restoration of the IHC Titan 45 Tractor. 

In the September/October issue of the G.E.M. I promised a written copy of a tape recording made the day an old IHC Titan "45" tractor was started after being buried 30 to 35 years in a ditch.

We found later we had made a mistake in calling this Titan "45" a "30-60". The "45" was manufactured from 1910 to 1913. After 1913 a few changes were made and it was called a "30-60". We have been told that this tractor had been sent back to the factory a few years after it was manufactured for some repair, changes, and additions. This could have been some of the changes the "45" underwent in becoming the "30-60" in 1913. The following is the tape recording. I have edited in spots for easier reading without disturbing the content.

Raleigh Woltmann: Hello there, this is Raleigh Woltmann. I am here at Elliott, Iowa. This is March 27th, 1966 on one of the side streets of Elliott along side of Albert Eshelman's shop. I have Mr. Eshelman here to visit in regards to a phenomenon of tractor restoration centered around a "30-60" ("45") Titan; isn't that right Albert? 

Albert Eshelman: Yes.

Raleigh: Albert, where did you learn of this unusual tractor and where did you find it?