If It Weren't For People, It Wouldn't Be Worth It!

| July/August 1994

P. O. Box 15368, Pensacola, Florida 32514

I rocked along, then one day I saw an old air compressor. I thought it looked so much like an engine, I decided to see if I could make an engine out of it. So says Raymond as he pauses, thinks for a minute and adds another pinch of Skoal tobacco.

'I like to get something for nearly nothing that's been thrown away and make something out of it,' he commented.

Clinton Edwards, this year's president of the Dixieland Old Engine & Agriculture Club, said Raymond Taylor, who lives in Pensacola, makes a lot of models and engines out of stuff (one out of an old discarded air compressor), and he knows how to make anything run. Raymond knows a lot about old engines and has fixed up many for other people who were having trouble with theirs. He and his wife regularly attend gas engine shows in the southeast.

Raymond has his work shop in his home's two car garage. One bay has his eight foot trailer which he uses to take his engines to the shows. Behind the trailer is his new lathe, drill press, air compressor with work bench. Parts and stuff are along the right wall.

The other bay has five engines in various stages of restoration, and a mechanized adult tricycle on which he has replaced the electric motor and battery with a gas engine and new pulleys or gearing arrangement. Between the engines, a rough path to the house back door is flanked on one side by a Honda three wheeler, which he uses to get around at the engine shows, and on the other side by a new Honda 3500X gas driven generator.