| July/August 1971

24W - 57 Lake St. Roselle, Illinois 60172

I am only 48 years old but I remember some of the old-time ways of doing things. Our neighbor had a 16 hp. Brown engine and a 6-roll Appleton corn shredder. I would leave for school about 8 o'clock in the morning and they would have the engine going no matter if it was 10 above zero or 40 above zero.

It was a side shaft engine and it took three men to get it going. The engine had a water pump on it and he used a big steel tank which he had on a wagon for cooling.

I also remember threshing with a 16 hp. bevel gear drive Aultman Taylor engine and an Aultman Taylor separator with stacker. The engine was bought in 1903. About 1925 they junked the Aultman Taylor Separator and bought a 36-60 Reeves.

There were about twenty farmers in the ring. About 1927, the ring broke up and we got the engine. They said you couldn't get flues anymore so my Dad and I junked the engine. Much to my sorrow, had I known what I know today, we would have kept it. I have the whistle, pop valve and a few other parts left.

My father started out with a Moline tractor but he did not use it very long when he traded it off for a 1927 Fordson and a Ferguson plow. I started to work with the Fordson in 1936 and we used it until about 1941 when we got a 10-20 McCormick-Deering. Everybody around us had no use for the Fordson but the one we had gave us a lot of good service and did a lot of hard work. We used 60 oil in it, summer and winter. In winter, we would put a pail of hot water in the radiator and we would have no trouble in starting it. It had a Pierce governor on it and one day I was plowing when the fan belt broke. Then the governor wouldn't work and I had the wits scared out of me. I shut the gas off until it ran out of gas.