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3650 Green Corners Road, Meta Mora, Michigan 48455

In 1949 I bought this F 6 truck for $1700.00 plus tax. I had a
milk route where I picked up cans of milk from farms and delivered
them to a receiving station where they were picked up and shipped
to Detroit in tank trucks.

By 1955 due to farmers going out of business, I sold this truck
and it was bought by the local fire department.

I bought it back from the fire department in 1986 and as the
pictures show, the truck looks better after 37 years than I do.
This truck was maintained all this time by Frank Noakes, who
operated a one man garage for over 50 years and is still open half
days, 6 days a week.

I will build or buy (please see wanted ads) a flat deck for it
and use it to haul engines or tractors to our local shows.

Today a Ford F 600 with 2 speed axle would cost $22,000.00. In
1949 farmers received $4.75 a hundred for their milk. Today they
receive $12.50. Of the 32 farms I hauled for in 1949, there is only
one producing milk in 1986.

  • Published on May 1, 1987
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